Armored Car

This industry is faced with daily issues like no other. Armored Car companies carry the valuable cargo that is targeted for theft by organized crime and everyday criminals. They operate in conditions that put them on the defensive. They also are faced with labor challenges – like every other business, resulting in a shortage of trained staff that requires an additional level of security prevention and protection.

In a world that continues to change and threats that continue to grow, Point 2 Point Global Security, Inc. has provided the armored car industry with a wide range of solutions to augment their security needs.  Our highly trained - professional team works side by side with our client’s security team to assess critical areas of vulnerability and threat.

The types of services we provide for the armored car industry include:

  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Unmarked trailing of armored vehicles in high risk areas
  • Armored truck terminal perimeter security
  • Trade show security
  • Special event security

Point 2 Point has built a reputation for providing unmatched service because of the professionalism of our team; commitment to quality customer service and our ability to execute on every assignment – every time. 

Our mission is to be the best in the market by providing our clients with Global Excellence and Expert Leadership to Serve & Protect.  Point 2 Point Global Security is committed to delivering top quality, cost effective security solutions to our clients with the establishment of strong partnerships built on trust and integrity.

Retail Asset Protection Team (RAPT)