Shopping malls, strip malls and other retail locations have become a gathering place for individuals and families for years.  They provide access to essential and discretionary goods that all of us want and need.  They are also prime locations for criminals to conduct their business, including robbery, shoplifting and vandalism – not to mention car theft and break-ins. 

This environment requires additional security measures to be taken by mall and store owners.  Point 2 Point has a proven track record for providing security services to the retail sector.  Our team will work with the client to assess the security risks and develop a proactive plan to reduce and eliminate incidents.  Professional – well maintained guards send criminals elsewhere.  

Our services include:

  • Uniformed armed and unarmed officers
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Overnight Coverage / Construction
  • Emergency Coverage
  • Employee Termination
  • Loss Prevention
  • Threat Assessment

Point 2 Point has built a reputation for providing unmatched service because of the professionalism of our team; commitment to quality customer service and our ability to execute on every assignment – every time. 

Our mission is to be the best in the market by providing our clients with Global Excellence and Expert Leadership to Serve & Protect.  Point 2 Point Global Security is committed to delivering top quality, cost effective security solutions to our clients with the establishment of strong partnerships built on trust and integrity.

Retail Asset Protection Team (RAPT)

Our Retail Asset Protection Team (RAPT) members are trained to implement, and maintain robbery and violent crime prevention. These individuals are a suit and tie application of armed or unarmed protection. All members are outfitted in either tailored suits or Class A uniforms for an upscale professional appearance that your business must maintain. The following is a description of our RAPT team’s capabilities:

  • Ability to handle difficult situations with professionalism
  • Ability to perceive situations accurately
  • Ability to maintain a fair, consistent set of standards, using judgment and discretion
  • Ability to maintain records and documentation
  • Conduct routine inspections of the facility to maintain physical security and protection of assets
  • Enforce company standards as they relate to security and safety procedures
  • Participate in the store’s loss prevention and safety programs
  • All personnel are knowledgeable of S.A.T.G. (South American Theft Group)
  • Any other tasks as assigned from time to time by any manager

Our Retail Asset Protection Team members are responsible for detecting, reporting and resolving matters in the area of safety, inventory shortage, cash handling, theft, and for providing customer service as per Company standards. As a result, we develop solutions for locations or products that are particularly vulnerable and contribute to a disproportionate level of loss.

Our goal is to protect your employees and your physical assets as well as present a professional image that represents the reputation your business has established.

Retail Asset Protection Team (RAPT)