OnPoint is a web-based management platform designed by Point 2 Point. It allows our team to capture and report critical information from any client site as it occurs. Through a mobile device, our supervisors and managers are able to receive real-time information electronically for events and incidents throughout a client’s footprint. We receive this information within seconds of any occurrence. This same information will be available to you via a web-based dashboard and can be customized, per your escalation requirements, to include text and email messaging capabilities.

OnPoint provides:

Time Management for Security Officers:

Allows security officers to clock in from the field from a mobile device eliminating the need for a time clock or hand written time sheets. Clock-in/out will only be accepted from this site phone.

Blackberry and Android Apps for Security Officers:

Allows security officers to perform functions in the field from a Blackberry or Android device. System allows for pictures and/or audio recordings to be attached to any event or incident reported.

Incidents and Daily Logs:

The OnPoint application allows security officers to fill out daily activity logs and detailed incident reports onsite. All reports can be accessed via the web in real-time and all historical data can be saved for retrieval at a later date.

Alerts and Reminders:

Alerts and messages may be sent to officers in the field to remind them of a task to be performed or notify them of a change in duties. Alerts may also be sent back to a monitoring center or supervisors if the officer has been inactive for a specified period of time, or would need back up or attention from the management team.

Tours and Check Points:

Using the OnPoint application, security officers can perform detailed tour check lists and confirm that they have hit required check-points.

Tracking and Geofencing:

Allows officers, vehicles and assets to be tracked in real time against a map or building floor plans. Always know exactly where your people are and play back historical movements as needed. Inbound and/or outbound Geofencing may also be assigned to locations and people.

Protecting Assets|Serving People

We have access to thousands of State-Certified peace officers currently employed with state, local and/or government agencies.